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About Us

We are a dedicated team who believe in 'Love' and believe everyone deserves love. In this day and age, it can be difficult to meet like minded individuals , which has increased the number of singletons in our society! We are here to support you and help you find that special person  to go on fun dates with, have amazing experiences together and potentially have a future or companionship with each other.  No more thinking about it would be nice to meet someone, time to put it into action! Good bye... Take me out, Blind Date, First Dates and Love Island watching. Time to focus on you!

How It Works

Love is important and helping you find that special person is a priority for us. Our aim is to provide you with a personalised, dedicated, discrete, supportive service, without you having to post your photo across multiple websites and rely on a mechanical algorithm to show who you are matched or not matched to!  There are no questionnaires for you to fill in. We do all the filtering for you and get to know each of our clients, prior to confirming any matches.  Finding love can have its highs and lows but it's a journey. Once you get in contact, a courtesy phone call will be made to you to understand your needs and requirements,  we can then get the ball rolling and get you registered where matches will  start to be looked at!

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I'm Sophia Chopra. The driver behind this love mission. I myself have felt the highs and lows from dating and  it took me to meet a few frogs before I met my prince! With the added pressure of what society wants, expects,  and putting my needs first, I struggled to find like minded people. I wasnt someone who wanted my face plastered all over the internet!! But struggled to find the support I needed to navigate me through this weird stage of life or alternative ways of meeting people discretly. It wasnt only me who struggled but it was a common theme with other friends, family and colleagues. On reflection, I feel like some support and a helping hand would have made the whole experience a lot more easier and enjoyable! Now I am wiser and older, I've made it my mission to help others get there also, younger, middle aged or older, our Team can provide you with the support you need and matches to get you started whatever your circumstances are.

Services we provide

Discrete Match Making

There are no on-line catalogues of people to vet through. We provide a personalised service , getting to know our Clients before matches are made and details are only shared with consent.

Love coaching

Have you ever felt you could be better at dating, or could do with some support on how to prepare for a date or it's been a long time since had to think about this? Our team can provide you with a 30minute call to make you feel prepared and comfortable.

Dating Tips

Have you ever been on dates but it's not pursued by the other person or there's not been a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th date? Our team can provide you with a 25 minute call on key dating tips, to make you feel prepared.

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