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Sophia Chopra Founder

I'm Sophia Chopra. The driver behind this love mission. I myself have felt the highs and lows from dating and  it took me to meet a few frogs before I met my prince! With the added pressure of what society wants, expects,  and putting my needs first, I struggled to find like minded people. I wasn't someone who wanted my face plastered all over the internet!! But struggled to find the support I needed to navigate me through this weird stage of life or alternative ways of meeting people discretly. It wasn't only me who struggled but it was a common theme with other friends, family and colleagues. On reflection, I feel like some support and a helping hand would have made the whole experience a lot more easier and enjoyable! Now I am wiser and older, I've made it my mission to help others get there also, younger, middle aged or older, our Team can provide you with the support you need and matches to get you started whatever your circumstances are.